PRVC Systems, manufacturer of hospital curtains, announces a new series of product videos for medical curtain tracks

PRVC Systems, the manufacturer of curtain tracks and fabrics for hospitals and clinics, published informative videos for its innovative curtain track systems, curtain door systems and trolley systems.

PRVC systems are redefining the standards for hospital cabin curtains. The innovative design of PRVC system Products and intelligent use of materials provide the perfect solution for all of a facility’s cabin curtain needs. PRVC products are manufactured using patented designs. The design aims to resolve conflicts between common ceiling curtain rails and lifting system rails.

PRVC systems

The curtain fabric PRVC is mainly a product of well-known American fabric factories. Customers can choose curtains from a wide range of tone-on-tone polyester and vinyl fabric options. Sample requests are just a phone call away and PRVC’s support staff are available to answer any questions related to the structure or architectural needs of the project.

In which first video introduced by PRVC Systems, consumers are introduced to PRVC Door Systems. These door systems are non-ceiling mounted products that provide healthcare facilities with a booth curtain solution in multiple configurations. The PRVC Cabin Curtain Tracks replace the traditional hospital ceiling-mounted cabin curtain tracks that impede effective air conditioning, ventilation, lighting from standard fixtures and sprinkler systems.

Customers can choose between two hospitals curtain track systems depending on what works best for the architecture of the room and patient needs. The first is a stationary track system, and the second is a swing arm configuration. The videos also show how the stationary rail system is ideal for shared rooms. A door surrounding the PRVC swing arm configuration is better suited for areas around doors and in bathroom environments.

PRVC systems are redefining the standards for hospital cabin curtains.
PRVC trolley system

The next video introduces the PRVC trolley system. These systems are specially designed so that patient lifts can enter the patient area without obstacles. The non-wall mounted PRVC cart system is designed to work in harmony with the XYZ lift system in a hospital setting. The trolley system allows the lift system to be easily moved in any cubicle in any hospital room with multiple patients. This system offers the patient complete privacy in their cabin; and allows the movement of the elevator to any area within the room.

The third video introduces the PRVC Gate Systems. The PRVC gate system was specially designed to accommodate the linear lifting systems. The easy access through the gate system allows the linear lift to move freely through the room past the cabin partitions. It is also ideal for use in clinical settings for OPDs or rooms serving multi-bay areas.

The videos also show how any PRVC hospital curtain can be changed without a ladder or step stool. The approach eliminates the hassle and time associated with changing curtains; while increasing security when curtains need to be routinely changed. Additionally, each curtain is fitted with a wash cycle alarm that can be visually assessed to allow for faster changes. Another aspect of the PRVC system curtains that allows for easy wash cycles and hassle-free changes is the uniform curtain size for each PRVC product, ensuring that no trace is left uncovered.

PRVC gate system
PRVC gate system

About PRVC Systems™

PRVC Systems™ is an American brand based in Chicago, best known for its brand new PRVC systems for cubicle and shower curtains. The company’s new systems are designed to make switching easier and faster. The curtains are designed not to bind to the track, ensuring they are quieter compared to traditional grommet curtains on the market.



PRVC systems

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PRVC systems

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