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Packing Service Inc. shares insights into how businesses can secure affordable pallet shipping costs. This company has been in the packing and moving business for more than 18 years and has always been committed to customer satisfaction. They always offer customized solutions that help customers save money. Whether it is a household need or a commercial need, the company offers the best possible options based on the needs and budget. Here’s how businesses can save some money on box packing and pallet shipping costs. Each shipping method uses a combination of direct and variable costs.

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Cheaper and smaller shipments have lower base costs, while larger shipments have lower variable weight costs and higher base costs. The cost also includes packing boxes and other essentials. While the above modes are used for nationwide shipping, international shipping works with two main factors: Shipping pallet and runtime. Customers can choose slower shipping or long transit time to reduce the cost. However, one should always keep in mind that this works for heavier shipments and cargo. For lighter cargo, smaller products, samples and import goods, it is always better to choose air freight to avoid paying high pallet shipping cost.

As already mentioned, the delivery time is a crucial factor that determines the total cost. Faster delivery means more money. This is because the shipping company must prioritize these shipments and ship their vehicle immediately instead of waiting until it is fully loaded. Distance is another influencing factor. The shipping costs for pallets within the country are much lower than for international shipments. And not to forget the customer costs, the means of transport used and the total distance. Therefore, PSI suggests companies add more pallets to reduce overall shipping costs. Shipping costs are also determined by the size or dimension of the box, crate or packaging.

Packing Service Inc. is a leader in packing boxes, shrink-wrapping, palletizing of boxes, furniture, machinery, etc. To help its customers save on pallet shipping costs, the company offers flat-rate deals for each individual service. They don’t offer an estimate that varies with hidden costs. The company can handle shipments of any size and will deliver the shipments via the best courier option or courier choice made by customers – UPS, DHL, FedEx and so on. The best way to save some time and money is to opt for PSI shipping and get nationwide guaranteed delivery. PSI is backed by a strong work ethic, integrity, honesty and character that is ingrained in every employee who works here.

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