IBC Cap Mixers Come In Many Sizes And Styles

They are designed to be simple and safe to use, allowing you to mix and blend your product in an economical and efficient manner. IBC cap mixers are able to mix liquids in large containers. There are a variety of mixers that are available which include gas, electric and air. You can also select mixers that have been certified ATEX.

How to Assemble IBC Cap Mixer, the IBC mixers are an excellent option to mix solids and liquids quickly and safely. They apply the same efficient air mixing process to mix IBC totes that are used in tote tanks and drums. The IBC tote mixer makes use of compressed air to push air pulses through a stainless-steel mixing probe to form large air bubbles that are flat. This allows for fast and accurate blending of any liquid, ranging from the smallest viscosity up to a high one.

The Euromixers E-400 impeller that folds is specifically designed to mix powders. The impeller folds from 316 stainless steel and fits through the standard 150mm screw cap opening on IBC totes. The cone valve, a patent-pending invention allows for precise and dust-tight powder discharge. It also prevents segregation and bridging, making sure that the powder flows freely and evenly.

These IBC tote mixing devices can be connected to an interlock for safety, muffler or hoist lifting bolt. They can be positioned on a rectangular or a round IBC tote. They are easy to clean and maintain, and feature an easy to maintain design. Standard IBC mixers come with an exhaust muffler as well as an air (air motor) motor and a water hose tail. An alternative is to install a lube-free motor depending on the specific application. The mixers also have an flow control valve that allows speed adjustment.

The Cary Company’s IBC mixers for totes are offered in TEFC, air and motorized TEFC. These mixers are ideal for mixing in rectangular and square totes and 330 gallon totes. They are particularly useful for mixing liquids in plastic lined totes. They are equipped with a tote clamp to hold the tote securely. Mixers can mix a wide range of liquids and chemicals and are suitable for a variety of applications. They also have the possibility of collapsible turbines to create a portable system of agitation.

The Dynamix ITM plastic tote mixer is one of a new class of IBC tote mixers. It is a useful tool for quality control in any type of operation. It is made of an independent, steel frame structure and rotates at a preset speed. It is also an ideal container for mixing dry ingredients in an IBC. The Dynamix ITM mixer is an essential quality control tool.

IBC mixers in totes can be used in any type of environment. They can mix liquids with any viscosity, no matter if they are plastic-lined or stainless-steel totes.

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