Event Staffing Agency Assist Marketing has 50,000+ field staff in the company database

Event staffing agency Assist Marketing boasts an impressive number of field staff, ie more than 50,000 trained employees in the company’s database.

Assist Marketing, the leading Chicago-based events staffing company that provides field workers for events across the United States, has disclosed the full scope of its field workers in the company’s database. According to company management, Assist Marketing has more than 50,000 sales representative available for rent in the company database. The company has amassed an impressive body of trained staff in a variety of fields, from event management to other specialties, supported by extensive nationwide recruitment programs.

Assist Marketing is a Chicago-based large event staffing agency

That Agency for event staff The field force includes trained professionals ready to tackle each job effectively and deliver the desired results. The staff includes staff from event management and marketing areas, such as brand ambassadors, product demonstrators, presenters, models, mascots, greeters and hostesses, influencers, bilingual talent, campus and guerrilla marketers, product specialists and samplers, street team, tour management, CDL drivers, workforce and right-seat drivers.

All event recruitment staff are well versed in their respective fields and trained to perform their duties properly to ensure the success of each event. The staff is trained to use the required equipment on site and has an in-depth knowledge of IT equipment, which helps them integrate into the modern market.

Interested readers can find out more about the services provided by Assist Marketing and the nationwide sales force employed by the company for various events on the company’s website at https://www.assistmarketing.com/

However, assist marketing never fully relies on modern gadgets. Assist Marketing, Vice President, DJ Koeller explained: “We don’t just rely on technology to achieve our clients’ results. Rather, we see the benefits of real-time communication and a team of people experienced in the field who can find a solution immediately. Things can and do go wrong at major events! But our employees have countermeasures ready. Our team may seem young, but they’re not afraid to step up and get the job done using old-school methods. We use “new school” communication methods. like email, SMS and direct messages to communicate with our employees, but we’re also not afraid to pick up the phone and speak directly to our talents. We pride ourselves on our trusted database and portal serving over 50,000 field professionals contains as it demonstrates our credibility, leadership and longevity in the industry.

He went on to explain how the company maintains its pool of field workers; “We are a team and we take care of our team. We focus heavily on training, logistics and timely payment. In fact, our sales representatives are guaranteed a payout in 30 days or less. Our on-site leads and management are always available to support field workers in efficiently completing their duties. And last but not least, our easy-to-use staffing portal helps maintain real-time communication at every step of the staffing process.”

About Assist Marketing

support marketing is a Chicago-based major Personnel agency for events, which focuses on the customer and his needs. The company has managed to build a sizable footprint over the years by focusing on helping customers get what they need with real-time communications rather than solely relying on the use of technology. Additionally, the company has a track record of employing the most talented and brilliant minds in the industry, enabling them to deliver client insights that would otherwise not be possible.



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