Even Mix™, the leading brand in IBC portable mixers, shares information on choosing the right mixer

Even Mix recently published an in-depth article providing information business owners and managers need to select the right IBC portable mixers and drum mixers for their use.

Buying a truck mixer is something that many business leaders and owners have to do, especially if their manufacturing process involves a lot of mixing as part of the process. However, a drum blender is very different from an IBC tank blender, so it is important to choose the right one and use it correctly. Luckily, EvenMix has made things easier by publishing an easy to read and understand guide to help people tasked with buying the right mixer for their use.

According to the guidebook, anyone wanting to blend in an IBC will need a 32 inch stem which is ideally suited for a 275 gallon IBC or a 335 gallon IBC. The mixers are designed to mix within the IBCs, guaranteeing an even mix. As a rule of thumb, if the viscosity is below 4000 centipoise you can get one with a single set of blades. However, higher viscosities require two sets of knives for an even mix.

EvenMix – Choosing the right mixer

Readers can go through the entire guide on the company’s official website at https://evenmix.com/selecting-the-right-mixer/.

Businesses that need to mix large containers such as IBCs with capacities greater than 10,000 gallons should consider an option with a larger or longer chute. Even Mix sells one with a 72-inch shaft with three blades that work simultaneously and ensure an even mix throughout the jar. The method works with 2000 centipoise and lower materials.

“At Even Mix we develop and manufacture state-of-the-art tank and drum mixers. These are some of the best in the business money can buy and guarantee an even mix. However, the key is to buy the right blender for the job. That’s why we’ve published this easy to understand guide for people in the market for an IBC suitcase blender or a drum blender. In addition, our team is always ready to answer questions if needed.” Said a representative from Even Mix.

About Even MixTM

Even Mix™ is best known for using latest technology and aerospace engineering to build pump technology and state-of-the-art variable-pitch vanes that offer true mixing technology. The mixing blades eliminate the need for a pin when installed and the blades can be used underneath. This also means that the paddles or mixers can be used in both plastic and linear drums.


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