Arizona Indoor Cultivation Consulting Company is expanding operations nationwide to meet growing demand

Expanding services with today’s technology

With the total number of states that have recently legalized the sale of cannabis rising to 18 and members of Congress introducing legislation to make cannabis legal at the federal level, the demand for knowledgeable and professional growers is outpacing supply.

“Our approach is to build relationships with our customers, not just transactions; Your success is our success,” says Abe Casillas, co-owner of Grow House Consulting, LLC and a professional gardener. “As the legalization of cannabis production expands, it is more important than ever for cultivation license holders to get their new operations off to a good start. Even smaller operations with 200 plants can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars before you get your first harvest. There is so much that goes into preparing for the development of a new indoor grow facility that you can’t leave anything to chance. For example, New Mexico requires all applicants for a cannabis cultivation license to secure a building and complete construction plans for the expansion of their indoor cultivation facility prior to submitting their application. Proof of building security and schematic plans must be submitted to the state with its permit application. So there is a lot of legwork that needs to be done before even applying for a license. The good news is that with today’s technology, we’ve been able to expand our services and help applicants and cultivation license holders across the country, from Maine to Michigan to New Mexico.”

“Grow House Consulting, LLC uses a step-by-step approach to guide new clients through the entire process of designing an efficient and high-performing indoor grow facility, greenhouse or nursery,” says Keegan Leary, co-owner of Grow House Consulting, LLC and professional gardener. “We have developed a workflow system that delivers consistent, repeatable and successful results for our customers. After the first successful harvest, we also provide ongoing support in the form of monthly farm monitoring services and quarterly plant maintenance. We want our customers to have peace of mind that their operations and facilities are operating at peak efficiency.”

As a strategic partner on this journey, Grow House Consulting, LLC helps its clients by helping them:

● Determine the number of plants to grow

● determine the size of the cultivation system

● determine what equipment is needed

● determine how much capital is needed

● Determine the time frame it will take to build the facility, start growing and harvest the first harvest

Grow House Consulting, LLC invites everyone to visit their website at In an effort to be a resource for cannabis grow applicants and license holders to get their new operations off to a flying start, there is valuable information on the site including blog articles, the services they offer (with prices), examples of their blueprint schemes and online appointment for a free and non-binding 30-minute introductory meeting.


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